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06 November 2013

Our International Golf Specialists Story

Our IGS Story.

Have you ever visited somewhere and found that the time you had there just wasn’t long enough to take in all the things you really wanted to see and do? Or, were there things there that you weren’t aware of before you arrived and wished you had set aside some more time for?

Before visiting somewhere for ourselves it is often hard to know what local activities and attractions we would most like to spend our time and money on. Speaking to people who have visited your next destination for themselves and  who can make recommendations specifically for you and your travelling party makes it easier to decide on where, when and for how long.

Local knowledge plays a huge part in the proper organisation and ultimate enjoyment of any holiday.

International Golf Specialists have visited and have first-hand knowledge of all the countries in the destinations section View our golf destinations.   This enables the team at IGS to tailor itineraries for both golfing and non-golfing travelling partners to our featured destinations.

Personalised IGS tours take into consideration the needs of groups and individuals and our knowledge of each destination along with the best time of the year to visit and other aspects of the local area ensure a tailored golf holiday to remember. Climate, cultural events and school holidays can all have a major effect on whether or not a holiday is remembered for the right or the wrong reasons.

To begin planning your next golfing experience, speak to International Golf Specialists today on
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