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29 September 2015

Vietnam Golf Tours and Packages

My recent visit to Vietnam unfortunately didn’t include golf at any of the incredible courses on offer in Asia’s fastest growing golfing destination. What was apparent, however, was the value of having an itinerary prepared for me by people who knew our requirements and, most importantly, knew the destination.

As golf tour operators, International Golf Specialists provide tailor made tours for people wanting to visit different parts of the world and experience everything the best golf courses and local attractions have to offer. In the case of a holiday where the clubs stayed at home (but not my wife), it was great to be able to rely on one of our Asian partners to produce the ideal tour for us.

Our trip to Vietnam involved day trips to the Cu Chi tunnels – used by the Vietcong during the Indochina Wars, a journey along The Mekong Delta, and visiting areas where most tourists, looking at producing their own itinerary, would be unfortunate to miss out on.

To experience this kind of tour was fun, educational and completely relaxing. Having everything prepared and booked meant there was no stress and produced one of the best getaways we have ever had. This is exactly the same experience IGS guests can expect when booking one of our golf holidays.

Vietnam is an incredible country with so much to see and do. My next trip there will definitely include my golf sticks and maybe even my non-golfing better half.

Chat to the guys at International Golf Specialists today are putting together your next golfing holiday and ensure you get the most out of your time away.