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22 January 2015

787 Dreamliner for Perth to Auckland travel

With the introduction of a 787 Dreamliner for the Perth – Auckland route, Air New Zealand has made the direct flight across the Tasman an absolute pleasure and the new Boeing jet comes with features never before seen in air travel.

Importantly, for a journey of between 6 and 7 hours, the seating is extremely comfortable, not once did I find myself turning in my seat, trying to find a more comfortable position as I so often do on other planes.

787 Dreamliner Perth to Auckland

The inflight entertainment system has movie, TV, music and games selections to satisfy everyone flying, and for those wanting to watch their own shows, a USB port below the screen means you can plug in your own portable device. There is even a charging socket in each seat which ensures the battery on your laptop or mobile phone will be fully charged when you land.

Ordering meals and beverages on board has never been easier. Simply open the food and drinks menu on your screen, select what you want and the order is sent directly to the crew who deliver straight to your seat. The meals and drinks are of the typically high standard associated with Air New Zealand and the service from the crew members seems to be a cut above, which may be a reflection of their pleasure in working on-board such a fine aircraft.

The 787 also has Skycouch which gives travellers the option of purchasing three seats together and converting them into an area where they can lie full length for the duration of the flight. Perfect for couples or those travelling with children.

My latest trip to New Zealand was made so easy by Air New Zealand that I will be increasing the frequency of my visits. The smooth flights with surprisingly quick travel times and the fact I suffered none of the usual side effects of a relatively long trip aboard an aircraft has sold me on the 787 and it is a plane that I look forward to travelling on again.

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