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18 January 2017

Golf Experiences

The manufacturers of the world’s best known golf brands spend millions upon millions of dollars on flashy advertising campaigns in an attempt to convince amateur golfers that their latest club, ball, shoes or clothing will help them to become better golfers. Buying new equipment is exciting. From deciding on which brand we want, through getting properly fitted and the purchase of our chosen gear, each step provides us with a sense of anticipation as we look forward to taking our new clubs out on the course for the first time. New clubs always look great and are sure to be a talking point with our fellow players, but in all the time I have played this game, there have only been a handful of times where I have seen new gear significantly improve a golfer’s performance.

Too often we are caught up in the hype of new technology and we really aren’t honest with ourselves about what is best for our game. Personally, I am yet to find a better performing driver and three wood combination than the one that I purchased almost 10 years ago. I go to plenty of club demo days and try all the new club head and shaft combinations on Trackman etc etc, but I am yet to find anything that would justify the endless dollars spent by the big brands claiming this latest gear is better than anything they have produced in the past, let alone the hundreds of dollars they would like to take from me for the privilege of owning this equipment.

Experiences on the golf course are something that no amount of clever marketing can sell you. Those times that you have with your favourite golf partners like taking the money when you were 3 down with 5 holes to play or watching the guy who always gives you shots crumble under the pressure of a four footer as you finally beat him off the stick. It doesn’t matter what gear you’re playing with, these times are simply irreplaceable.

To make these types of experiences even better, International Golf Specialists are the leaders in arranging golf holidays and tours for groups and individuals throughout Australasia and beyond. Our tours to Barnbougle Dunes in Tasmania, for example, often include the best of golfing friends and many of these guests return year upon year to once again experience what is a highlight of their golfing calendar.

Our Thailand and Vietnam hosted tour in 2017 will see groups from all over Australia join IGS Managing Director Gary Allomes on another truly memorable tour. Siam Country Club, Montgomerie Links and BRG Danang Golf Resort will feature as some of the highlights on this amazing tour.
Our home town of Perth is a popular destination for groups wanting to take advantage of our local knowledge and options of a fully hosted tour with our staff taking care of all their requirements while they take in everything that Perth has to offer both on and off the golf course.

For our guests wishing to explore the incredible golf on offer throughout New Zealand, IGS have recently expanded their product range to include more locations throughout the North Island. New Zealand is one of the fastest growing golfing destinations in the world and with one look at the amazing array of course scattered throughout the country, it’s easy to see why.

If you have ever considered getting your golfing friends and partners together and playing the courses you’ve always dreamt of playing, then speak to the friendly team at International Golf Specialists about putting together the perfect itinerary for you. We can arrange everything for your tour including the best accommodation at the most convenient of locations and preferred tee times at the best courses each of our destinations has to offer. The fantastic experiences you have on our golf tours will stay with you for a lifetime and create many a talking point that may just stay around a little longer than that new $600 driver might!