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08 November 2016

The golf travel bug

The golf travel bug works differently to other bugs we pick up. Unlike the common cold or flu which tends to hang around as a bit of an inconvenience, those of us with an addiction to golf never really get it out of our system. Though we may take the occasional break from the game, the desire to play is always there, as are the club-less swings in the office and practice putts rolling along the hallway carpet. Work, family and injuries can all play their part in seeing the clubs hung up in a dark corner of the shed, but sometimes all we need is a really good excuse to get back out there swinging.

With accessibility to the best courses in the world improving every year, golf tragic’s can now more easily than ever take their games to other cities, states or countries. The ‘Family Holiday’ can include a set of clubs as one of the checked bags at the airport, or a week away with your best golfing mates can include some bucket list courses as well as rest and recreation.

For those golfers who have taken some time away from the game, a pre-planned golfing holiday can be just the remedy to get back out on the course. Of course there is always the cramming of some long overdue practice at the range before the holiday begins. After all, the last thing any golfer wants is to perform badly and lose to his friends, even if he or she has an excuse such as a leave of absence from the game.

There are so many options of great golf travel holidays on offer through International Golf Specialists. Our most popular destinations such as Tasmania and Bali are easily accessible from any capital city in Australia and our tours to New Zealand, Thailand and Mauritius continue to grow in popularity. There are some remarkable courses to be played throughout all the regions IGS offer and some incredible off course entertainment as well.

Our recent hosted tour to Thailand provided 20 guests with amazing golf and fantastic experiences throughout the tour. IGS Managing Director Gary Allomes hosted this tour personally and it is one that he is keen to take again next year. Many of this year’s participants are already booking in for the 2017 edition, such was the overwhelmingly positive result from the trip.

Golf Travel

No matter what your current golfing status - every week, every day or not since last year, International Golf Specialists can tailor a personalised golf holiday for you and your golfing partners. Our experience in the golf travel industry sees us as the premier golf travel provider in Western Australia and we are always happy to have a chat about what requirements would suit you to ensure your ultimate golfing getaway.

So whether there’s a course you’ve always dreamt of playing, a country you’d love to visit (with your golf clubs), or just an excuse you need to get back into this wonderful game, speak to the team at International Golf Specialists about your next golf holiday.

Contact the team at IGS for a detailed golf travel itinery to your next golf travel destination.

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