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11 September 2014

What do we do for our clientele?

There are many terms used by non-golfers to describe people, who in their minds, have what may seem to be an unhealthy obsession with the game of golf. Even the wives of golfing tragics are often described as ‘Golf Widows’ as the usual four and a half hours to complete 18 holes is normally preceded by a warm up and practise, and of course the game must then be analysed by all involved while enjoying a beverage or two afterward.

While golfers are always looking for that new piece of equipment to help them play better or a tip from a magazine or golf show on television to improve their game, one thing that can be annoying and distracting is the unsolicited and often unwanted advice given on course by fellow golfers. While they may mean well, 99% of the time the person offering the tip is not qualified to do so and such advice can often do more harm than good.

The best people to speak to are obviously those in the know. For example, a PGA Professional is who to see if you want to improve a part or all of your golf game and whether it is an hour long lesson or a series of lessons designed to develop the physical and mental side of golf, it is always time and money well spent for those who are serious about lowering their handicap. 

The same approach should be taken into consideration when arranging a golf holiday. While some people will take the word of a friend or a golfing partner as to the best destination for them to visit, the best golfing holidays are the ones which have been personalised for each group and inpidual.

International Golf Specialists have first-hand knowledge of all of our destinations. We have played the courses and know the local areas. Therefore, we are able to recommend the best hotels and resorts to stay at, the best courses to play and the best time of the year to play them. We provide you with an itinerary that we, as avid golfers, would recommend as the best way to spend your valuable leisure time and get the most from your time on and off the golf course.

Speak to International Golf Specialists today to begin arranging your next hassle free golfing adventure.