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12 September 2013

What makes a successful golf travel package

There are many companies that promote golf travel packages, however what makes one golf trip better than the next. There are a number of ingredients that when combined well, make for a memorable and successful golf travel experience.

Firstly, outstanding golf courses in good playing conditions are a must. This is vital for a golfer to feel that they have received value for the effort and expense in travelling to that particular destination. All golf courses must undergo regular maintenance, however there is nothing more disappointing to arrive at a course you have been dreaming about for a long time, and find that the greens or fairways have just undergone a major coring. 

Also, the combination and blending of the number of golf games and other non-golf activities such as local touring, relaxation and other forms of recreation. While some of my friends disagree, I believe you can play TOO much golf when on holidays, especially in the tropics.

Another important aspect is ensuring a cultural and educational experience as part of a golfing holiday experience.  Golfing destinations like Thailand, Mauritius and China provide wonderful opportunities to experience diverse cultures, cuisines and geography not found in Australia. Many of our clients travel initially to these countries for the golf experience, but return again and again for the cultural exchanges and friendships formed. 

Finally, and I think most importantly, using an experienced golf tour operator for your golf travel package is critical for a trouble-free and enjoyable travel experience. Just using a travel agent, or doing your own research may not ensure the best golfing experience.  Using local operators and guides is fundamental for a memorable holiday, and avoids unnecessary “hassles” and problems along the way.

International Golf Specialists prides itself on being experts in the destinations we serve. We only use local travel operators selected for their experience and professionalism. Using local suppliers also ensures the best pricing, priority tee times and special inclusions that deliver extra value and assist with the overall experience.

So, put International Golf Specialists to the test … we make “great golfing experiences” happen!        


Gary Allomes
Managing Director